Patricia A. Merlo, M.P.M.

Here is what others have had to say about the Roadmap to Forgiveness Workshop:

  • Good, solid material. Well planned and conceived, good visuals, thought-provoking.
  • This presentation showed me that the feelings I have are valid and important. And, that it is vital to forgive in order to grow personally.
  • Hearing about people who have been through so much and have been able to forgive, helps me to forgive.
  • I learned that it is okay to forgive, but not be okay [reconcile] with the person who hurt you, and that I can forgive someone who has passed on.
  • You were awesome!
  • The presentation made me look at myself non-judgmentally.
  • There was a proper balance between theory and practical application.
  • The presentation was very complete and well organized. Points were illustrated with real life examples; she shared her personal “lived experience”.
  • It was most useful to learn that: 1)  forgiveness doesn’t mean being a doormat, 2) forgiveness is helpful to the person who was hurt, and 3) the forgiver can become the hero [of her story], not the victim.
  • I now realize I have a lot of issues with forgiveness. I plan to explore your website and the resources listed there.
  • This presentation opened the door for self-exploration in regards to forgiveness.
  • She made it clear what forgiveness is and what it is not.
  • I wasn’t going to stay for the whole presentation, but I could not break away. It was so interesting.
  • I liked the presenter and her down to earth attitude. I appreciated all the examples of her own struggles and learnings. I would have loved to have had more time.
  • This helped me to search within myself and not to blame others. I always felt like the victim; it helped me to see others were victimized too.

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