Patricia A. Merlo, M.P.M.

Here is what others have had to say about the Four Teresas Workshop

  • I truly felt that this retreat was designed exclusively for me and presented as a one-on-one retreat. I have been suffering greatly with my family with their growing up -- one child pulling away from the Church -- all kinds of challenges, struggles and doubts -- to the point of desperation. This retreat has given me hope -- everything about it saved me.
  • I enjoyed and found profitable the prayer time. Our lives are very busy. I heard from God during these times.
  • I appreciated the time allowed for personal prayer. I appreciated the wonderful “sacred space” here at St. Anne’s. I appreciated the prayer/reflection sheets presenter gave us. The bibliography is great to take home and read further.
  • The presentation was very well prepared. She prayed with the 4 Teresas and they spoke to us through Patty.
  • Well organized. Good use of slides. Great insights shared. Great examples of the personality of the Saints


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