Patricia A. Merlo, M.P.M.

What did Mary feel when the Angel Gabriel revealed that “all generations will call me blessed”? Did she gain strength for the days ahead by recounting the faith of the heroic women of Israel?

The bible tells us nothing of Mary’s life before the Annunciation, but we do know that “in every Jewish home, storytelling was the way of passing on traditions.” Like all Jewish women, Mary knew that  the Covenant stories of the Old Testament are a sacred place where God’s voice can be heard and the Divine Mystery can touch us.

We, too, can allow the Scriptures to capture our imagination and attention in ways that help us find God’s presence TODAY in our everyday events and relationships.

During these two Days of Retreat we will pray with some women who may have nurtured Mary’s faith and trust in God:

  • Hannah (whose words prefigure Mary’s Magnificat
  • Susannah (falsely accused of adultery)
  • Rachel (who died giving birth on the road to Bethlehem)
  • Miryam (Mary’s namesake whose courage helped to save the baby Moses)

Time will be provided for personal prayer and reflection. Small group sharing will be an (optional) opportunity to encourage one another, as we remember and honor those who influenced our faith journeys.

Contact Kim at St. Mary’s Retreat House (248.628.3894) for details and to register.

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